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Yashfe Winery

Yashfe Winery

The divine wine which trodden by foot and the rest by the almighty god, without any additions or preservatives.

The same method, trodden by foot but three different vessel treatments:
1) Big pitcher clay for fermentation and forcing. The filling in glass bottles for long sustain and ageing.
2) Big pitcher clay for fermentation and forcing. We added wine filling in clay pitchers for long sustain and ageing.
3) Special polypropylene barrel for fermentation and forcing. Ageing in French oak barrel for 16 or less month. The filling in glass bottles, for long sustain and ageing.

The tithes are given to a Levi, like when the Temple in Jerusalem was exist, straight from the wine grapes before they are trodden. Also from the wine we give Terumot & tithes (second tithes), by the Terumot & tithes fund. Tithings of third and sixth year for the poor are given from the wine to the poor. The grapes are taken from Kerem Ben-Zimra farmery which in the heights of Dalton, from vineyard grown for the big winery`s, with strictness on Orla & Shveeyeet.

The process takes place in an old house basement in the old city of Zefat, built over 100 years ago.
Wine and secret are both 70 in numerology (Gimatria). 70 is Yaakov and his son`s that went down to Egypt, they are the secret of the inner world (Pnimiut Haolam), versus the 70 other world nations that are in the secret of the outer world (Hitzoniut Haolam).

Contact Information вапр

Address: 48 Y"A street, Zefat
In preparing the page were used material from the site

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Rivka Poli25, , 2014

Yashfe wines are a unique experience, not to be missed when travelling near Tzfat (Safed). I recommend the Grappa.

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