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British Park
British Park, in the heart of Judean Plain, covers some 40,000 dunams (10,000 acres; 4,000...


A visit to Nazareth is an unforgettable experience. Explore the old city’s narrow passageways and its historical and religious sites; smell the wonderful scents of different spices and taste the special food and sweets of the old eastern market; walk through the many stores offering wonderful souvenirs and merchandise at great prices but, more than anything, feel the residents’ warmth as they welcome the city’s guests: tourists, indeed anyone who visits us… In other words – discover the Nazareth Magic.

Within the city, Nazareth offers three- to five-star hotel accommodation and a wide variety of restaurants – some of which are located inside beautiful historic buildings recently renovated and rehabilitated. Our restaurants make dining a gastronomic experience by combining traditional eastern cuisine with their own creativity and inventiveness.

Nazareth is not just another city – it is a priceless international asset. Part of humanity’s history and heritage.

Nazareth is waiting for you to come and share its magic.

In Roman times Nazareth was a Jewish village and its name is thought to come from the Hebrew word “Netzer”, which can mean a twig or a branch. For Christians, this supports the claim that Jesus was a descendant of King David, which in turn strengthens their belief that Jesus is the Messiah. But “Netzer” also means “to keep”, which may refer to the city’s location on a mountain watching over the Jezreel Valley, frequently a scene of battle in earlier times.

Jesus was known as Jesus of Nazareth – which is why the Hebrew name for Christianity is “Natzrut”. In English, Jesus is called “Christ”, which means a Messiah; hence the English name Christianity. In Arabic, Jesus is called “Massiach”, meaning Messiah, and Christians are called “Messachin”.