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Israel Nature and Parks Authority

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority is a very unusual organization.

On the one hand, it handles our natural reserves. This is not only for unique natural sites which require care and protection, but also wildlife. Under the direction of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, which specifically deals with breeding of wild animals, today in Israel to be found wild goats, mountain goats, deer, wild boars, and in the sky can be seen soaring eagles and griffins. These animals disappeared from the land at one point and were repopulated again. In addition there are long historical ages in Israel like the ancient cave people, Nabatean cities, the Israeli kingdom, Roman domination, Byzantine’s era, the Arab conquest, crusaders, the Ottoman Empire and much, much more... They mix eras and cultural civilizations. All of this is the historical heritage of Israel.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority have a huge responsibility to human kind. They find, retain, and equip. This is a chance to give an opportunity to all those wishing to visit and admire the parks and sites.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority deals with all this. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority deals with organizational jealously, competence, professionalism and intelligence. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has an army of archaeologists, thousands of servants, academics - fanatics of their cause. The results of their efforts are the vast library of history. The library is available to all.

It is difficult to say where one begins and another ends. What is the National Park of Israel? As a general rule - are tourist routes, places, appointed jointly with the Keren Kayemet Le Israel. Very often there are natural reservoirs, where you can swim on a hot day. This is where wild animals can be found in nature reserves. You can walk with the children on pavement that was built by the slaves of the Roman Empire. You can admire mosaics created thousands of years ago by ancient masters. Be surprised by the thickness of the castle walls built by the crusaders and the constant sets of ancient mosques and churches.

Services include National Parks for visitors - convenient access roads, parking areas with a card describing the designated historic monuments and tourist routes. In many places, you can watch a film about the history and development of the Park. Israelis know and love it heir history and will be pleased to come here with the families. Join us, ladies and gentlemen!

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