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Ashkelon National Park

Ashkelon National Park

The Ashkelon National Park sits within an ancient rampart. A trail at the foot of the Crusader wall of the city offers a lovely view of the park, the sand dunes south of Ashkelon, and present-day Ashkelon. In the center of the park are remnants from the biblical Tel Ashkelon, although admittedly the more impressive ruins at the site are from the Roman period. Most striking are the pillars from the basilica, the public building for the use of all citizens. The artwork and architectural remains on view near the basilica include a status of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders and one of Nike, the winged goddess of victory.

Archeologists digging in the northeastern part of the rampart discovered the city gate from the middle Bronze period (4,000 years ago). Its vaulted ceiling has particular significance because it is one of the oldest arches discovered anywhere in the world.
A magnificent beach is situated right outside the park.
The Municipality of Ashkelon is responsible for the site.

Contact Information вапр

Address: From the entrance to Ashkelon, drive towards the sea
Disabled access:
Convenient access
At your disposal:
Beach, Restaurant, Place for barbecue
In preparing the page were used material from the site
Photo: Doron Nissim

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